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Whitehouse Primary School, 2 Doagh Rd, Newtownabbey

Year 3

Year 3 Teachers: Mrs Weir and Miss McIntosh 

Support Staff: Mrs McFarland

Year 3 Topics:  

Sight (LOOK OUT!)  We find out about how our eyes work, how animals use their eyes, guide dogs and Louis Braille.  

Florence Nightingale and Nurses (MAKING A DIFFERENCE) We find out about a person from the past and the impact she has made on our lives. We look at nursing as it was then and how it is now and write letters as Florence. The children get to pretend to be a nurse or a soldier in a hospital that Florence might have worked at. We even make a Power point about Florence Nightingale.

Birds (TAKING FLIGHT)  The children love finding out about garden birds and using our Bird Hide. We visit Castle Espie to research ducks and geese and The World of Owls come to visit us at school to tell us all about Owls.  

Kenya (ON SAFARI)  We have fun comparing and contrasting our lives with those living in Kenya. We write reports on animals seen on Safari, make mud huts and much more!  

Fairy tales and Traditional Tales (ONCE UPON A TIME)  This is a fabulous topic to encourage the children’s imagination and enjoy acting out a variety of well known characters from books. The children will develop their writing skills and learn how to structure a story, retelling one they know well, and creating one of their own. They will learn about traditional Northern Ireland stories and ones from Africa and Australia. We also have a Fairy tale Dressing Up Day!                                                      

In all these topics our pupils learn to:

  • Work with others;
  • Be creative;
  • Use our imagination;
  • Become more independent;
  • Solve problems;
  • Make decisions for ourselves.

Important Trips: Castle Espie (Taking Flight)

Visitors:  Mr and Mrs Lacey with their guide dog Juno, a nurse and 'The World of Owls'  

Highlights of Year 3:

Finishing Times: On Monday, Wednesday and Friday they finish at 2pm. On Tuesday and Thursday they work until 3pm.  

Homework Schedule: 

Day Homework  Due Date
Monday Spelling, number bonds and reading. Friday
Tuesday Literacy Written Work Wednesday
Wednesday Maths Written Homework Thursday
Thursday Revision and pupils take home their dictation book to be signed. Friday
Friday Parent to sign test book and pupils to complete corrections. Monday

Pupils to bring pouches to school each day.  Homework folders, reading books, homework diary, notes and money should come into class in the pouch.  

 P.E. Days:  Miss McIntosh - Wednesday and Mrs Weir - Friday

Important Equipment:   Please ensure pouches come to school daily



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