Access Keys:

Whitehouse Primary School, 2 Doagh Rd, Newtownabbey


Acting Principal  Miss D Blain
Vice Principal  To be appointed

Year 4 Enrichment

Year 5 Enrichment

Mr M Smyth

Mrs L McGreevy

SENCO Ms K Kennedy


Nursery 1
Nursery 2
Mrs C Spratt
Mrs R Halliday/Mrs J Moore
Year 1
Year 1
Mrs H Clifford
Miss C Hasson
Year 2
Year 2
Mrs AS Robinson
Miss McConvey
Year 3 
Year 3
Mrs L Weir
Mrs McKane
Year 4 
Year 4 
Mrs I McClurg/Mrs L Burns
Mrs J McNevison
Year 5 
Year 5
Miss D Carson
Mrs A Robinson/Mrs S Caldwell
Year 6 
Year 6 
Miss J Campbell
Mr G Harris
Year 7
Year 7
Mrs S Richmond
Mrs R Watson


Classroom Assistants

Mrs S O'Haggan

Miss J McIveen

Mrs A Hilditch

Mrs G Frazer

Mrs J Moore
Mr D Kingsberry
Mrs C Kelly
Mrs E McBride

Miss A Patterson
Mrs A English
Mrs A McFarland
Miss V Purdy
Mrs G Brown

Mrs D Thorton

Mrs B McWatters

Mrs S Fox

Kitchen Staff

Rosemary Hopkins (Catering Supervisor)


Dawn McClenaghan

Allison Harrison

Donna Weir

Sadie Murphy  

Breakfast Club


Gillian Brown

Geraldine Frazer

Lunchtime Supervisors

 Dolores Johnston

Jacquline Hawkins

Maddy Ogilvie

Donna Campbell

Dawn Thornton

Linda Gray

Lesley Glass


 Dolores Johnston

Tanya McClenaghan

Carol Millar

Danny Kingsberry

Kerrie Freel

Building Supervisor

Dolores Johnston