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Whitehouse Primary School, 2 Doagh Rd, Newtownabbey

Year 4

Teachers:  Mrs McNevison (Room 8) and Mrs McClurg - Monday and Tuesday - Mrs Burns - Wednesday to Friday - (Room 7).

Support Staff - Mrs Kennedy (Literacy Support) and Mr Smyth (Literacy and Numeracy Support).  

Year 4 Topics:  In Year 4 you will have the chance to learn about five different topics.

  • Children in World War 2 - Investigate what life was like for evacuees living in the countryside. Research rationing and create your own propaganda posters. We have our very own WW2 day where you can dress up as civilians and soldiers, have a go at drill practise and crack some spy codes.
  • Materials - This is where you get to become a mad scientists and experiment with materials, their properties and how they change.
  • Reach for the Stars - How much do you know about our solar system? In this topic we will be looking at the sun, moon and the planets. We visit Armagh Planetarium where you can have a go at making your own rocket to launch outside, as well as visiting the digital theatre to explore the surface of the moon and see what constellations we can spot.
  • Northern Ireland – How much do you know about the country you live in? We will be learning about the six counties and the top tourist attractions.
  • Bugs, Birds and Beasts – Welcome to the animal kingdom where we will look at how animals are grouped, habitats and adaptation. We will be printing our own minibeasts in the style of Andy Warhol.

 Important Trips: WW2 Museum, Belfast, Armagh Planetarium, Parliament Buildings at Stormont 

Highlights of Year 4:

Finishing Times:  Year 4 finish at 3pm each day except for Wednesday when they finish at 2pm.  

Homework Schedule:

Day   Homework  Due Date 
 Monday  Spellings, Mental Maths and reading  Friday
 Tuesday  Literacy Written Work   Wednesday
 Wednesday  Maths Written Work  Thursday
 Thursday  Revision of Spellings and Mental Maths  Friday
 Friday  Test Corrections and Signed  Monday

P.E. Days: Friday  

Important Equipment:  



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