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Whitehouse Primary School, 2 Doagh Rd, Newtownabbey

Our Vision

'Education is not preparation for life;
Education is life itself’

John Dewey

If asked to define the essence of the ‘Whitehouse experience’ it would be best expressed through our school vision statement:

‘Learning to Live’.

We aim to provide an education that is more than a means to an end.  High academic achievements are important but they are only one part of the wider education we provide.  If a child leaves our school highly literate and numerate without developing a joy of learning and the ability to see the value in themselves and others we have not achieved our goals. 

Our inclusive ethos and wider curriculum have a dual purpose.  We want pupils to be successful children today as well as accomplished adults in the future.  Each pupil through their Whitehouse ‘journey’, we hope, will learn much, but live more.

Our Values:

Underpinning our vision are four key values.  These values influence the ‘why’ of what we aspire for and do. They are underpinned by the principles of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child - non-discrimination, the best interests of the child, participation and the right to life, survival and development.

These key values are:

  1. To be a Happy & Healthy Environment
  2. To develop Skilled Learners & Flexible Thinkers
  3. To value Partnerships both Locally & Globally
  4. To inspire High Aspirations and Achievements

Mission Statement

Our values feed into our everyday practice through our commitment to our mission statement.  At the centre of all we do are the CHILDREN (Article 3). Our mission statement is based around the principles of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.  

Care & wellbeing central Article 19/24

Having a broad and balanced curriculum Article 29

Involving pupils, parents & the community Article 12/18

Learning & teaching focused Article 28

Developing digital technology & creativity Article 29

Raising expectations & aspirations Article 29

Excellence & innovation promoted Article 3

Nurturing global citizens Article 2/29/42


Whitehouse Primary School’s commitment to its CHILDREN is reflected in the following agreed aims.  The school works with children to:

  • fully develop their academic potential
  • promote high achievement through recognising and developing their physical, emotional, intellectual, cultural, creative, spiritual and moral skills
  • develop the qualities of a responsible citizen and to foster positive personal attitudes towards themselves, others and the environment
  • be equipped with knowledge and skills and be able to use them in the world in which they live and work
  • become problem solvers, independent thinkers and decision makers
  • be able to work both independently and with others
  • nurture a desire for life-long learning 

School Culture

We believe that children will succeed through experiencing quality in:

  • a broad and balanced curriculum, sensitive to the needs of the individual
  • a safe, secure and stimulating learning environment
  • a variety of teaching and learning approaches
  • provision of resources and experiences
  • reinforcement  of achievement, positive behaviour and attitudes

We demonstrate our commitment to working as a learning community by:

  • continuing our own professional development
  • working together as a team to develop a progressive learning environment by sharing expertise and good practice
  • monitoring and evaluating teaching and learning
  • maintaining high standards of teaching and high expectations for all pupils
  • working in partnership with home, the local community and external agencies