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Whitehouse Primary School, 2 Doagh Rd, Newtownabbey

Year 6

Teachers:  Miss Campbell and Mr Harris

Support Staff: Mrs McGreevy (Literacy Support)

Year 6 Topics:

All of our year 6 topics relate to the theme of journeys.

  • Raging Rivers - During this topic we will think about how rivers are formed, where rivers are found, the main features of rivers and how rivers are used. We will also be creating some landscape paintings including rivers.
  • Building Bridges – During this topic we will be thinking about why and how people build bridges. What are they made out of? What is the best type of bridge? How do we decide exactly where a bridge should go? What is the benefit of having a bridge near you? We will also thinking about other sorts of bridge - bridges of friendship, bridges of peace and bridges of kindness.
  • Eat Up, Feet Up - In this topic we explore the importance of rest and fuel for our bodies. We also explore what happens to food inside our bodies.
  • On the Move – In this topic we will explore the reasons for migration and the impact of migration for individuals, governments and countries as a whole.
  • Vicious Vikings – Why did the Vikings come to the United Kingdom? What did they do when they got here? What was it like for the people already living in England/Ireland when the Vikings arrived? Are there still Vikings today? All these questions and more will be answered during this topic.

Important Trips: 

Visitors: Institute of Civil Engineers (Bridges in Schools)

Highlights of Year 6: Year 6 take part in Shared Education each Wednesday afternoon with the Year 6 pupils from St. James's Primary. We explore Northern Ireland history together, and also take part in STEM workshops including Natural Disasters, Kitchen Science, Movie Making, Coding, Space Science and Izak 9.

Every day year 6 walk or run a daily mile. It not only helps keep us fit but helps us concentrate better on our work too.

Finishing Times: 3pm each day

Homework Schedule:

Day  Homework  Due Date 

Spellings, Mental Maths, Buzz Word, Maths Words 

Basic Skills in Literacy



 Tuesday Mental Arithmetic Wednesday
 Wednesday Presentation Homework Thursday

Revision of Spellings, Mental Maths and Maths Words

Maths and Grammar Minutes

 Friday Friday test signed and corrected. Reading Monday

P.E. Days: TBC

Important Equipment:  

  • Pencil x 2
  • Sharpener
  • Rubber (preferably white – the coloured ones often make a mess of your page)
  • Red biro pen
  • Blue biro pen
  • Ruler (15 or 30cm)
  • Colouring pencils/pens
  • Glue stick

Please only bring 1 pencil case to school! There is not enough space on the desks to have 2 or 3 pencil cases each.

You must also ensure you bring your AR book, homework diary and homework folder to school every day.

You need to bring a coat to school every day! We will complete our daily mile regardless of the weather!



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