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Whitehouse Primary School, 2 Doagh Rd, Newtownabbey

Open Night


This year we will held our open night on Wednesday 29th November from 6pm to 8pm.  This night is designed to help parents whose children will be nursery or/and Primary 1 age in September 2018.  We welcome parents to come along with their children to have a look around.

We do not make presentations or give big speeches.  Our approach is to allow families to simply take in the school's atmosphere, view the classrooms, see the standard of pupils' work and get to talk to staff in small groups.  We also provide senior members of staff who can answer parents' questions about the application process.  We think this approach reflects our very friendly family ethos.  

If you have already made up your mind that you wish to apply for our school we can provide an application form on the evening.  Please also bring an original birth certificate for your child/children and two documents that prove your home address.  All documents will be returned to you after you have submitted your application.

The deadline for applications is usually in the second week of January. The Education Authority will publish their deadline in November preceding the deadline on the application forms.

A number of pieces of valuable advice for the application process are as follows:

  • Make sure you read the criteria of the school very carefully before writing your application;
  • The school is only able to use the information on the form.  Even if we know facts, such as an older sibling is in the school, we are unable to use it unless you have written it on the form;
  • Get your application in on time!  Our advice is to apply before the Christmas break to avoid the form being forgotten in the rush of the holidays or/and the onset of bad weather.