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Whitehouse Primary School, 2 Doagh Rd, Newtownabbey

Year 7 Glengormley High Visit

10th Dec 2019

Last Friday Year 7 were kindly invited to take part in a range of lesson activities at Glengormley High School. These activity days provide valuable experiences for year 7 children in helping them to prepare for their transition to secondary school. The children took part in a range of active sessions including web design, making key rings in technology, PE, English, science and lots more. A huge thank to Mr Massey and the staff at Glengormley High School for making us feel so welcome, for planning the day for us and for providing us with pizza for lunch! The pupil feedback summarises what a great experience it was!

Year 7 Pupil Feedback:

Leah - I really enjoyed the science because we did lots of cool experiments with acids and alkalis. I loved the elephant's toothpaste experiment and working with the Bunsen burner.

Anna - I enjoyed the ICT because I learnt how to use photo shop. All of the activities were really fun and all the staff were kind and nice.

Tony - I thought the day was good, the pupils and staff were really nice and kind. I would recommend it and I thought the trip was helpful. My favourite activity was geography and we were spies and had to try and capture an elf!

Callum - When we walked in, we got a really warm welcome and the activities were really fun. The pizza and break were also very tasty and it was very kind. My favourite activity was making a red and black key ring in technology.

Zara - I really enjoyed all the activities we got to do. My favourite was technology and design making the key rings but I also enjoyed creating my own webpage for Santa.

Mia - I thought the staff and pupils were very welcoming and they had planned the event very well. Our guide was very friendly and chatted to us. My favourite activity was probably PE because we all had lots of fun!