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Whitehouse Primary School, 2 Doagh Rd, Newtownabbey

Using I.C.T.


To be truly literate in the 21st century requires high level ICT skills.  As a school we are committed to give our pupils every opportunity to use and embrace digital technology to promote their learning.  

Therefore, as a school we have invested significantly in developing these skills and providing a rich variety of ICT platforms.

Our work with pupils falls within these general strands that we call the '5Es':

  • Explore - This involves empowering pupils with the skills to find the information they require;
  • Express - This refers to giving pupils the opportunity to share their ideas in words, images, music or even in computer coding;
  • Evaluate - There is a need for pupils to be reflective and ask themselves is their work fit for purpose;
  • Exchange - The pupils will share their work with others to develop their final product and facilitate teamwork skills;
  • Exhibit - The pupils can then share their work across the class, school, wider community and even the world!

Our intention, however, is that our pupils' learning will go beyond skills they can do. We want our pupils to have a joy and excitement about ICT.

Why do we use the term 'Using ICT'? First of all, this is the term used in the Northern Ireland Curriculum. However, and fairly obviously, it also indicates the curricular demand that our pupils are able to see the purpose and use of their ICT skills in the real world.

Mrs McNevison and Mrs Richmond are the ICT Leaders in our school.

What are some of the indicators in our work that demonstrates our commitment to the development of Using IC?
We have an excellent ICT Team who are committed to the promotion of learning technology;
We have heavily invested in both new ICT technology and staff development;
We are pursuing the 360Degree ICT Safety Award;
We are developing an excellent website to promote pupils' learning and provide parents with valuable information.