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Whitehouse Primary School, 2 Doagh Rd, Newtownabbey

Learning & Teaching


Schools who perform above the average usually have a clear focus on not only what they teach but how they teach.  More fundamentally, they are aware of how pupils learn well and the best means to create a learning culture.

Whitehouse Primary School, we believe, is such a school.  We are, however, not perfect and are on a continual journey to be better at what we do.  What are some of the indicators that we have a clear focus on Learning & Teaching?

  • We have an effective Learning & Teaching Team to oversee curriculum development;
  • We have a sound record of staff development;
  • We encourage an 'open classroom door culture' to allow staff to share good practice;
  • We seek out good practice across Northern Ireland (Shared Education etc.) and internationally (Erasmus+);
  • We have requests from other schools to see our practice and 'borrow' our staff for training; 
  • We are pleased that our pupils and teachers report high levels of confidence in our teaching;
  • We believe our pupils' learning in key skills are above the national level of similar schools.