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Whitehouse Primary School, 2 Doagh Rd, Newtownabbey



Over the last three years our school has introduced the Numicon approach to teaching mathematics.  It involves using fun and attractive apparatus to enable pupils to use mathematical language, visualise key concepts and solve problems.

The teachers also have access to interactive whiteboard software, giant Numicon sets and in the early years pupils are also given activity bags of Numicon to bring home.

Every year our Year 1 teachers offer training when they explain to parents the potential of Numicon and demonstrate how to use the equipment to assist their children's learning.  Please plan to attend if you are a Year 1 parent.

We also use Numicon Recovery to help pupils who are having some problems with mathematics.  Mrs English (a classroom assistant) has been trained to bring individuals and some groups of pupils through a baseline assessment, followed by a series of lessons intended to rectify any difficulties and then after the intervention reassess to measure progress.  

Over the past three years we have increased our numeracy scores as a school.  We see the use of Numicon as a big factor in our success.