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Whitehouse Primary School, 2 Doagh Rd, Newtownabbey

Accelerated Reading


We want our pupils to be good readers and to have a real joy for books.  Our use of the Accelerated Reading system bring these two key goals together.

Pupils are able to select their own books from the school library and then answer fun quizzes based around the book.  These quizzes give pupils great encouragement, valuable feedback to parents and insightful data for the teachers.

Our experience has been that by allowing children to follow their reading preferences and read at their own pace we have seen great progress.  Many of our pupils have become 'Word Millionaires'.  That means they have read a minimum of one million words per year during their Accelerated Reading sessions.  Last year one pupil read over two million words in less than six months!

We introduce Accelerated Reading in Year 5 and then continue it in Years 6 and 7.  In Year 5 pupils get a real boost by twice per week being provided with a Reading Mentor.  These are trained classroom assistants who will encourage and question pupils about their reading.  

Each half-term parents get a written report on their child's reading and comprehension.  Twice per year parents are also invited in for training and feedback on how their children are doing.  

Pupils and their parents are also given access to our fantastic Roald Dahl Library. It is open after school Monday to Friday.  The books have been organised using Accelerated Reading scores so pupils know if a book is appropriate for them.

Our pupils enjoyment of reading has been boosted.  However, it has also had a significant impact on increasing pupils reading scores and comprehension skills. 

Accelerated Reading certainly has made reading times zoom!