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Whitehouse Primary School, 2 Doagh Rd, Newtownabbey
Rights of the Child: Article 27 - 'Every child has the right to a standard of living that is good enough to meet their physical and social needs and support their development.'
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Eco Warriors

Eco Kids ready to get that Silver Award!
Eco Kids ready to get that Silver Award!
Eco Kids 2017-18
Eco Kids 2017-18
Meet the adults in our Eco crew!
Meet the adults in our Eco crew!

The future requires all our pupils, their families and our school to be more sensitive to the environment.  As part of our school development plan we have agreed to achieve our Eco Green Flag Award by June 2019.

We achieved the Bronze Award in June 2017, and plan to achieve the Silver Award by June 2018 and finally our Green Flag Award by June 2019.  While the awards are important the reason we are pursuing them is to stimulate discussion and pupils' thinking.

We are on our 3rd year of working with and developing our Eco team.  This is a group of pupils, staff and other members of our community who will help to bring about real change and stimulate debate about the environment. The key success of this work will not only be judged by what we achieve over the next three years in our school. Our hope is that our pupils and their families will make positive choices that will impact our world for generations to come.

The Eco Team has been established and have carried out an Environmental review within the school. They have shared the results at assembly and have been planning ways to be a more eco-friendly school.



13th Nov 2018
The Eco Team had a visit from Water NI. They told us about how, as our population...
25th Oct 2018
The Eco Team have spent a lot of time reading the results of this year’s environmental...