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Whitehouse Primary School, 2 Doagh Rd, Newtownabbey
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Netball Club


Netball is a non-contact sport that is played by two teams of seven players — the aim being to outscore the opponents.  Each player is given a "position" that defines their responsibility and restricts their role to a specified area of the court.  To keep the gameplay fast, once you have possession, you must pass the ball or shoot for goal within three seconds. You cannot move when you have the ball.  Furthermore, players must cooperate successfully to attack, defend and score goals.  The emphasis is on teamwork, skill, and communication and requires players to run around the pitch, sprint, and change direction quickly.

This year the Whitehouse Netball Club will run on a Wednesday for Year 5 to Year 7’s.   Come along and we will have lots of fun learning to play the game together.  You might even get selected to play for the Whitehouse Primary Netball Team in the Newtownabbey Primary School Girls’ Netball League and Tournaments.