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Whitehouse Primary School, 2 Doagh Rd, Newtownabbey

Preparing to move to Post Primary School


Moving between primary and post-primary school is a key transition in all pupils' education and their growing up.  We want to make this a smooth and positive experience.  

Below is a timeline of how we work with our families to make this  process as successful as possible:

  • We suggest that all Year 6 parents bring their children around local post-primary schools in the December to January period;
  • On the first Wednesday in February we have a Year 6 Parents' Transfer Workshop.  Parents come along to be given an overview of the transfer process by Mr Bailie.  They can also talk to the Year 6 teachers about their children's options;
  • In the February Interviews, with the information from the workshop, parents can ask key questions to the Year 6 teachers about transfer options in Year 7;
  • After Year 6 reports are issued in June the parents are offered another interview to discuss the year ahead;
  • Year 7 staff organise visits to and from the local post-primary schools;
  • The Year 7 teachers teach their 'New Horizons' topic to help pupils embrace the opportunity of moving school;
  • The parents are invited to meet Mr Bailie at the end of January or early February to complete their transfer form to select new schools;
  • The Year 7 pupils complete a portfolio of work for their new schools;
  • The Year 7 staff meet and exchange data with their pupils' new schools;
  • The Year 7 pupils plan and perform a leaving service for their families and the rest of the school.

Every pupil is an individual and while we believe our process is good we know we need to adjust to the needs of each pupil.  As a school we will always go the 'extra mile' so each child will leave our school with happy memories and start their new school with a confident smile!