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Whitehouse Primary School, 2 Doagh Rd, Newtownabbey

Outdoor Learning

 Strand B – Nursery Outdoor Learning Experience Project

 In 2015/16 104 pre-school pupils from both schools will engage in outdoor learning in their environment, e.g. forests and coastlines, as a catalyst to confront negative relationships in our community and foster a better ‘emotional environment via Shared Education. 

This will involve:

  • Fortnightly outdoor learning session amongst pupils in the local environment. This will include school playgrounds, local parks, forests and beaches.
  • Regular parent workshops on the value of outdoor play learning.
  • Training project for parents to act as outdoor Nursery Tutors. This will engage parents in education on outdoor play but also how we need to confront intolerance and embrace community cohesion by celebrating diversity (16-20 parents.)
  • Combined field trips that include trained parent volunteers from both schools.
  • Parent open nights to celebrate outdoor learning and share the value of working together.


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