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Community Events in 2016/17


This year the community impact of our Shared Education work has never been more public or effective.  This has included:

Peace Proms

This year we were the only combined Shared Education choir that took part in the Ireland wide nights of music and peace promotion.  We had a fantastic night of music and fun.  More importantly, we felt that the message of our combined choir was very powerful.  We think it sent out just the right tone. 

Family Residential

From the 29th - 31st March a group of our Year 5 children and staff, along with a group from St James’s Primary School, enjoyed a fantastic residential at Corrymeela. Each child was allowed to squeeze one parent into their suitcase for the trip which operated in conjunction with Community Relations In Schools (C.R.I.S.) and the wonderful Corrymeela Community volunteers.

The trip consisted of a wide range of exciting activities allowing both children and adults to explore friendship and identity through community building and story telling. The views of Rathlin Island set a wonderful backdrop for the fun and games ranging from a Pirate Treasure Hunt in the dark to a hugely popular game of ‘Chaos’. Whilst many of the activities included both parents and children, the mums and dads spent a few hours each afternoon working with C.R.I.S. whilst the children were entertained by the Corrymeela Community Volunteers who played many games, made many masks and sang many songs.

We would like to extend a huge thank you to all of the staff, volunteers, children and parents who made the trip hugely enjoyable and successful. The relationship between the schools has strengthened as our pupils continue to work together through our Shared Education programme and the parents have already formed plans to meet up again in the future!

Easter Celebrations

In the build up to Easter we brought our Year 5 pupils together to celebrate Easter.  Pupils visited two local churches to get an impression on how Easter celebrations were both similar and different.  They were great trips that were both enjoyable and very educational.  

Shared Family Fun Day

This year we are celebrating 25 years of friendship and partnership.  On 17th May between 400 and 500 pupils and families came together for a wonderful fun day.  There were bouncy castles, facing painting, an open farm and lots of games.  More importantly there was chat and conversation between families from both schools.  It was a fantastic day of celebration!  



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